Do you know “Christian Soriano”?

Does anyone know someone called:
Christian Soriano
Basically, on the 20th March, this person’s credit card (either with their knowledge or otherwise) made a donation to our Orphanage Fund in Zimbabwe to the massive tune of €5… Yes, FIVE euros.
That amount has now been disputed and the €5 has been returned. Its only €5, so no big deal there I suppose, they maybe changed their mind? Its unlikely that they had their card stolen and someone donated to charity on their behalf, though, right?
Either way its a payment thats been returned… So then imagine my horror to find that GoFundMe have then charged our Orphanage charity fund €15 in “fees” for having the charge refunded??
They have taken €15 of donations made by YOU towards our Orphanage fund because someone has changed their minds about being able to afford €5 for those less well off than themselves.
So basically, by the power of Facebook, can you please share this post so that we can find the correct “Christian Soriano” so the I can please implore him to drop the dispute so that this €15 isn’t taken from those that need it most. I am happy to personally refund the €5 if thats what is needed, but please don’t allow GoFundMe to penalise the children as a result of it…
So, does anyone know anyone by that name? Can we find him? Can you tag him to see if he can read this and get in touch?
Thanks in advance. Please share.

Author: OurManInZimbabwe

Travelling to Zimbabwe with money raised over the last 16months and hoping to make a difference.

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