Day 7. Wow! What a response to “Day 6”.

Me and Nicole are sat here on our comfortable bed, writing on our laptops and smart phones and responding to all the people who have shared, commented, liked, private messaged and donated in the hours since we posted the report of Day 6. All those that have shared, commented, liked, private messaged and donated, have all likely done so on their very expensive electronics back home, whilst sat on their comfortable sofa, with their feet up having a cuppa. Not knocking it, we’re basically doing the same right now writing this.

But after yesterday, after meeting those 16 poor children I can’t help but think how we really do live in a world of have’s and have nots and now everything feels a little different than it did just a few hours ago. Perhaps nothing will ever been the same again. I hope not, for I’ve had my eyes opened and maybe for the first time really. I’ve never been a man of possessions. I don’t go “shopping” very often and although I have a nice house and a nice car, I rarely drive it and I’m about to sell it. All the same, compared to the children we’ve just met I must seem like I have everything they can imagine and more, and that makes me feel very guilty indeed. I don’t know how any of you felt reading yesterday blog but thats how being here made me feel and its not a nice feeling at all. What it is, however, is a feeling that makes me want to do something, anything, to help these children any way that I can.

This is the dirty rug that is the seating area for the youngest of the 16 children cramped into this tiny home for the homeless.

I feel that what these kids need is a helping hand, so that they can find their own way in life and make a success of themselves, their own houses and marry and have their own kids and be loving parents to them. Simple things that everyone deserves to have, but seem so far away for them right now.

So, we’ve made a plan. Its a basic one and it can alter depending on how long our funds last. We’ve brought all the sponsorship money with us and after the amazing response after the blog, we have even more. At current time of writing, and within the last 24 hours, we’ve received another €1500 towards helping these kids. Thats simply amazing.

We’ve also had a great number of people who are volunteering to raise money within their own friend and donate as a group and other events with proceeds to go towards Tariro Orphanage. You know who you are, so thank you too!

Day 6’s blog went “viral” and has been shared a ton of times, with tons of comments and has already been viewed by 5 times more people than any other post we’ve posted since being here with still a few hours to go. Thank you everyone!

So, our plan for the Tariro Orphanage is to provide them with the following:

1) Pay for the septic tank to be emptied and restore running water so that they can use the bath and the toilet.
2) Buy or have made, enough bunk beds for every child.
3) Buy mattresses, and have them covered so that they can be kept clean, for every child.
4) Paint every room in the house so that it doesn’t look so much like a squat and will brighten up their days a bit.
5) Install a gas oven so that they can cook properly and not on an open fire on the floor.
6) Install shelves and clothes hooks so that their possessions can be stored properly.
7) Buy rain coats for each child so that they can go to school
8) Buy those without shoes, something to wear on their feet so that they can attend school.
9) Take all the kids on a day out, and allow them to buy themselves an outfit of their choosing (they have never done this before) and take them to eat in a restaurant (they have never done this either).
We hope to have the money to do all of this, and potentially more. We also still have to help the schools we have already visited by buying them books, sports equipment and giving them running water too. Its a lot to do and every penny helps, so if you have been affected by our adventures here, please do help by donating here:


Hopefully the donations will have still kept coming in since writing this, so if they have, thank you! Unfortunately we’ll be away from the computer for a few days including a charity fun run at one of the schools we’ve been visiting and then on to Harare to watch rugby with some new friends and we’re not sure when we’ll be back online, so this blog is being written at 10pm on the night of Day 6, but its acting as the blog for Day 7.

Link for Day 6 in case you came here first by accident is here:



Author: OurManInZimbabwe

Travelling to Zimbabwe with money raised over the last 16months and hoping to make a difference.

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